CNC Woodwork

What's So Special About a CNC Machine?

Artisan Restoration provides CNC woodworking services in Pinellas Park & St. Petersburg, FL

Hire us to make custom furniture you'll love for a lifetime. Artisan Restoration, Inc. specializes in CNC cutting services in Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida. A CNC machine is an automated computer numerical control device that allows us to operate woodworking machinery with a computer program. Using such a machine, we can create all kinds of custom furniture pieces.

We rely on a CNC machine because it:

  • Creates custom furniture pieces that other tools cannot
  • Reduces production errors
  • Increases production speed
  • Cuts down on manufacturing costs
  • Improves shop safety

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Check out the materials we use to build our custom furniture

Artisan Restoration tackles CNC woodworking projects in the Pinellas Park and Tampa, Florida area. Using our CNC machine, we can build unique furniture items made of:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Foam
  • Vinyl

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